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What is this shaking/pulsing feeling when I sleep?

Every single night for past couple weeks. Right as I fall back asleep I am instantly woken up to what kind of feels like palpitations, but more like a rumbling feeling, kinda like sn earth quake, i feel it in my chest, and my head neck etc. its not aligned with a specific time, but rather whenever the minute begins that I fall asleep. It doesnt last long and my pulse feels normal, iphone app had a HR of 81 when I was able to check, no pain, if i take a deep breath it feels weird and slightly short on breath, dont feel like suffocating or chest is tight and gasping for air. I have issues with PVCs some days, not every and what I can feel theyre double digits daily (is it poaaible having some you feel and dome you dont)? 6 mos ago chest x ray, echo, blood and 2 heart monitors all came back negative besides pvcs. I just hate this feeling, cardio appointment tomorrow, any input before I go in, any tests I should request? Thanks :(

If its not heart related, what else can it be? Its hard to describe the feeling, my chest gets jumpy and my head feels like its bobbing back and forth, earthquake might be extreme but its enough to worry me, any other drsvi should see, would a sleep study be benegicial?
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