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Why can't l sleep?

If l go to sleep it's never anymore than 3 hours in the mornings l nod have spilled coffee on me several times
.l am not aware l am going to sleep I just do. This has gone on for years 2 whole years is a lot of sleep l have lived without please help
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Sounds  like you see should see a doc for a checkup.  Describe this.  You want to either treat or rule out an underlying medical problem.  If none, look at using a CBT sleep training program for a permanent solution.
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That's a serious sleep deprivation system.  It's hard to function on so little sleep.  Have you always been prone to insomnia?  Is your problem falling to sleep or do you wake up after falling to sleep and can't go back?  Those are different sleep issues.  Melatonin has been shown to work well for sleep and can be bought at any drug store.  Talk to the pharmacist about using.  More tested than CBT oil. good luck.
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