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Why do I only dream once or twice a week?

Hi. I just want to know why I only have 1 or 2 dreams per week that I remember. My roommate and family members claim to have dreams almost everyday. I've read that when we sleep, we have a lot of small dreams, but unfortunately I don't remember them...I just want to know why I don't dream as much or why I can't remember my dreams. Thanks!
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Not remembering dreams can range from being completely normal to having a sleep disorder. Dreams are sometimes remembered more easily if one is awakened during REM sleep. Not often remembering them can just mean you're not often awakened while dreaming. The flip side of that could be that something is preventing you from getting much REM sleep. If you exhibit any symptoms of your sleep not being restorative, such as daytime sleepiness, it wouldn't hurt to have a sleep study.
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Thanks for your input. This isn't something recent. This has been going on for years...I can't even tell you when I remembered having 3-4 dreams a week. Some nights I get around 6-7 hours of sleep while other nights I get about 9-10. I would say my average over a typical week would be 8-8.5 hours per night. For instance, I have no recollection of last night's dreams.

Where can I get a sleep study or talk to someone in the field. Thanks.
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Your general practitioner can order an overnight sleep study, or they can refer you to a sleep specialist. Seems I hear good things about sleep centers affiliated with large hospitals or teaching hospitals. Sleep labs are cropping up everywhere, but they or their staff don't necessarily all have the same credentials.  That's where a referral may be beneficial if someone you know or your doctor has had a good experience with a particular sleep center. I don't know that a sleep study would be ordered on not remembering dreaming, but if that is accompanied by other signs of having a sleep disorder it's likely a study will be ordered.
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