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Why do I wake up in the night seeing things and running away from them?

I've been experiencing this for years. It started out as I'd wake up and see spiders in the room and they would jump towards me and I'd bury myself under covers or try and run away often waking up before getting very far. Now it's getting worse. I'm seeing thing more often and running away. The latest was someone pumping poison into the room and I ran off and woke up fully in the living room with my heart racing and feeling very scared. Last night I was just sat up in bed staring into the hallway with a terrified look on my face. I don't remeber last night's very well but usually I remeber bits. It seems to becoming worse and happening more frequently. It a starting to worry me now and I can't find much on the internet about it.
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Nightmares can happen to anyone. Additionally, if you worry a lot in the daytime, then it can carry over into the night.
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