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anxiaty no sleep & mental thoughts

I haven't been sleeping at all it comes n goes its been 2 days with no sleep I try but have crazy thoughts n it freaks me out I toss n turn I jawn all night I fall in n out of sleep.I'm tierd of thinking that I'm going crazy I panic n anxiaty sets in then I know I'm in it for a long run :(  I need help I lost my job I have no money I want to see a doctor I don't know what to do. I don't want to live my life like this! What can I do to feel better?
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Hello Rony and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. You seem to be going through a stressful phase. Everybody goes through these phases in life. So, just get a grip over things. Many times when you are not able to change a situation change your attitude. That’s the best way. To begin with relax, next prioritize, then plan and finally implement. Try yoga and meditation they have calming effects. Go for long stress free walks. If things are really bogging you down and you need help consult your primary care physician, he will guide you appropriately. Sedatives are given to tide over temporary insomnia.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Hi thank you for ur reply I walk a lot gues its not helping at the moment when I'm walking I feel great but once night comes it all comes back rite now I been sleeping at 3am on and off I have crazy thought I am affraid of going crazy I don't know what to do I stay positive but that is during the day this is taking over me its affected everything in my life!I have hope ill get better but for now I'm still in this phace. I hope to get out of it.
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I know exactly how you feel I went for about a mile walk yesterday in my sleep has been good the last night I didn't sleep hardly at all I think we maybe try to walk too much the other things I would like to ask you I have noticed if I eat something greasy I have a real hard time trying to sleep like last night I had meat loaf then I noticed my symptoms of anxiety seems to be flaring up I think we need to learn to eat more lightly and less greasy food
On the night you cannot sleep what kind of food are you eating
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