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cant sleep

you can look at lther setionc of my ofileto get a better undestanding but at the moment-ive now taken 3mg of alprazolam(xanax), one zoloft and 4 dormicum tablets i.e. 60mg of midazolam and still cannot sleep.plase could someone tellme what to do. being driven nuts. even when lights are off and everything. please trying my best now
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Hi compnow, how are you? I understand how frustrating the life is with sleep deprivation. I feel you might have taken quite few medications for your sleeplessness over a period of time. Have you had a sleep test and evaluation by sleep doctor? Ambien is good choice for treatment of insomnia, intended for short-term use. Elavil/Endep can be tried if you are not comfortable with Ambien and it is a non-addictive drug. Try to relax and plan a healthy sleeping habit on a long-term basis. Avoid coffee/tea, smoking, alcohol and a bulky spicy meal at nights. Do regular casual exercise, concentrate on some fine work like reading a book, listening to soft music, have warm shower and a gentle body massage prior to sleep. If you still do not feel any improvement, consult a sleep specialist and get sleep test done to know present status of sleep pattern. Take care and update on your progress.
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