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cognitive behavioral or other therapy for insomnia?

I've read that something called "cognitive-behavioral treatment" works for insomnia and am considering trying it myself. I am deciding between individual treatment and a group. Has anyone done either one and has advice?

There is one starting near me in Boston in December: http://calendar.boston.com/boston-ma/events/show/85314259-overcome-insomnia-group-therapy-treatment . I am curious if anyone has tried a group such as this one and can comment on her experience.


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Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is very useful in improving your sleep. The different approaches used are stimulus control, sleep restriction, relaxation therapy, psychotherapy and maintaining sleep hygiene. It involves deep breathing and other exercises to relieve anxiety and encourage relaxation. CBT often lasts about 12 weeks and is usually directed at the patient specific anxieties.
It requires the patient’s willingness and co-operation to be successful. Other important factors in successful treatment are family support, meditation/yoga and joining support groups.

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