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cold sweats during sleep?

Recently i have been waking up during the night sweaty, approx twice a week.
sometimes i am feeling cold, but very sweaty,. other times i feel comfortable and cosey.
i have made an attempt to like a healthier lifestyle the past 2 weeks (Eating good, working out, no smoking and minimal drinking) but the problem as worsened,
I remember an X complaining about it a couple of years ago but the problem only seems to have just resurfaced.

I also feel i am a sweaty person in general, sometimes getting large sweat patches under my arm pits although i do not feel hot.
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as far as i see everything is normal with you..,sometimes nervousness also cause this.. just relax,eat healthy,sleep healthy,keep drinking water..
make sure ur fan or A/c is working fine..
also there may be a possibility that you may have anxiety problem..
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Look up night sweats and you'll see there can be many causes. You should get it checked out.  
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