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dental device and sleep apnea

Anyone aware of a device that a dentist can make and install that  extends the jaw  forward to help relieve sleep apnea?
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I use a mouth device that extends my lower jaw forward, as long as I'm wearing the device, I do not snore.  It does cause some soreness in the the jaw area, but only for a little while.

I do not have actual sleep apnea because my oxygen level does not go down when I sleep, but I was monitored and I constantly wake up through out the night due to snoring and airway obstruction.  

I am of normal weight and in my early 30s.
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Dental devices are used as an option for obstructive sleep apnea patients who cannot tolerate CPAP. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends dental devices for patients with mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea for whom the CPAP is not suitable or those who have failed on the CPAP machine.

The two common types of devices are the Mandibular advancement/ Mandibular Repositioning Device and the Tongue retaining device.

They are effective for mild to moderate sleep apnea and are relatively easy to use. Side effects include soreness, nausea or some damage to the position of the jaw, and teeth.

You should consult a trained dental professional that specializes in sleep apnea or orthodontist to fit these devices. A regular follow-up is needed to prevent any side effects.



Take care

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