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do i have DSPD...

im 14, for the past 2 years ive been having sleeping and anxiety problems (im posting about sleeping problem here)
i havent gone to school the past 2 years, the main reason is the anxiety but another reason is the sleeping problem, i am interested in disorders and came to the conclusion that i might have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD / DSPT / DSPS) currently, i go to bed at around 5-7am and wake up at 1-3pm, i feel most comfortable sleeping during the day time, and it is quite difficult to sleep during the night. i only manage to sleep during the night when i get sick, mainly migraines, but ill wake up a few hours later when the migraine is reduced to a headache, and i just rest til it goes away then just do whatever it is i do during the night. sleep deprivation proved to be successful, that is, in giving me a migraine... and unsuccessful in sleeping peacefully. when i went to school i would only go about 1-3 days a week. my mom would try to force me out of bed but i almost never got up, i would just ignore the alarm clocks, and eventualy my mom just gave up on waking me up. when school was over i would play on my computer, try to fall asleep at 9pm, give up at 10pm, play computer til 3am, and finaly i would be somewhere close to my preferred sleeping time and i would accualy manage to fall asleep. during 9-10pm i would constantly move around never able to get comfortable, then at 3am i would magically get all comfortable and fall asleep. i cant think of anything else to say... so please ask me questions if i was too vague, also if i mispelled or if somewhere i completely went off topic forgive me im bad with things like this. i posted on Jetlag because i read on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/delayed_sleep_phase_disorder "Attempting to force oneself onto daytime society's schedule with DSPS has been compared to constantly living with 6 hours of jet lag; the disorder has, in fact, been referred to as "social jet lag"."
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As described by your symptoms, you seem to having the Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) or phase lag syndrome. It is a condition where the normal circadian rhythm of an individual is disturbed, due to some inherent reasons, leading to a disturbed sleep cycle. The symptoms persist irrespective of the external environment.

There is a complete asynchrony between the patient's internal biological clock and the external environment.   The disorder can affect teenagers and young men, leading to a disturbed schedule of school or office.

The other similar sleep disorders are jet lag, obstructive sleep apnea and periodic limb movement disorder but they are linked to external factors.

I would advise that you consult a sleep therapist or a physician with your sleep diary for a complete medical evaluation. The treatment is directed towards rephasing the sleep cycle and circadian rhythm in accordance with the external environment.

Sleep therapy along with sleep hygiene (avoiding caffeine, alcohol and tobacco as well as stress reduction) in due course of time helps the patient get proper night sleep. The other treatment options available are bright light therapy and chronotherapy.

In case you require any additional information, you can always revert.

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