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false awakenig + sleep paralysis

hello everyone , im a 16 year old girl scared half to death , please help !! it's 4:21 am and i finished working really hard on a project for school that is due on tuesday about an hour ago . my baby brother (hes 8) rarely sleeps in my room but my parents made him sleep with me tonight so he slept on the floor and i in my bed . i put some music on to help me sleep and went to bed at around 3:15 . i remember quite clearly having a dream of me , my best friend , a professional female basketball player (i dont know anything about basketball , i never watch it or cared for it ??) , and my baby brother . we are trick or treating in a different neighborhood with a random group of teenagers having fun in the middle of spring . next i have a dream about something (not necessarily bad) chasing my baby brother and i througj my high school and i see the room of a teacher i know in my dream , but he doesnt exist in real life , neither does the classroom . his classroom is literally a hall with small fences around the open sides like the ones for outside pets . he has a lot of different animals , mostly puppies and my baby brother and i play with them and then we accidentally let out two puppies that we werent supposed to and the teacher tells us to put them back so we struggle to put them back but i dont remember if we finished putting them away. i then remember dreaming of me repeatedly failing a mission on gta v ?? i play it sometimes but id never dream of it ?? and i am actually in the game and every single time i end up blowing up my teammates vehicles but theyre still alive and as the screen fades so i can restart again they all look at me like "what have you done ??" like i was never part of the team . this is where it gets the weirdest . i wake up from my dream to my baby brother messing with my phone and i ask him "whats wrong ?" he replies with "i cant sleep because of your song" and i say "oh , sorry . let me turn it off" and i stretch my hand out so that he can give it to me and i had this extremely eerie feeling that that wasnt my brother and instead of handing me my phone he puts it down with the music off and slowly crawls towards me on the bed as if he wanted to sleep with me . and that feeling was just so strong that i screamed and tried to push him away and he makes a face that ive never seen on him before and he tries to attack me and i cant get him off of me and i think "wait , this is a dream" and i try to wake up but i cant ! i knew i was dreaming but i couldnt wake up and all of a sudden i couldnt move and ive never been so scared in my life , this has never happened before ! he is attacking me while my arms are frozen in front of me , still pushing out , and i turn away from him and try my hardest to wake up for about 6 seconds and i finally did and i immediately turn my lamp on , wide awake and i see him laying on the floor . i look at the clock and see that it was only 3:54 . it felt like i was asleep for hours , i thought my 6:30 alarm would ring any second . i then grabbed my phone , went to the bathroom (i miraculously didnt pee my pants during the dream) and i came to this website for help . how can i prevent this ? what does this mean ?? im too scared to fall back asleep . i tried to go bck to sleep after i checked the clock but when my eyes were halfway shut it would look like my brother is floating , im too scared to go back to sleep . when i was younger i used to have dreams of family members chasing me and trying to kill me . or dreams where id walk out of one room with a family member in it and walk into another one with the same family member and not knowing which one was the "good one" . sorry this is so long !! also , ive gotten 8 hours of sleep in the past two days , not including the 30 minutes that i just had , and not many hours throughout the week all together but i often go without much sleep sometimes staying up doing homework or playing video games . and my baby brother is a good kid , hes very funny and energetic , my life would be so boring without him so why am i having such bad dreams about him ?? thanks so much !!
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