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having trouble sleeping due to bad dreams.

I've lately been having trouble sleeping at night.  I've been having these re occuring dreams of when i was a child.  But lately i've been hearing voices and sometimes seeing people at night when i get up in the middle of the night.  What do you think this means??  Does this mean I'm going insane or do I simply call my health care doctor?? Or does this mean that my brain is triggering something??
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You haven't developed extra sensory psychic abilities have you with seeing people is my first thought.  Are they strangers or people you know?

Are there some issues that you need to resolve in your mind from when you were a child, that may be resurfacing.. meaning also, that this is the right time for you to work through this.  

Sometimes, I find that by asking a question out aloud such as an issue I need help with, I will usually 'get it' or have a solution within the next day or two.  So perhaps you could ask, 'What is it that I need to resolve from my childhood' or perhaps you are having some stress/emotional issues in your life right now that is triggering all this.

Have you tried listening to any type meditation music to get you off to sleep.. or are you having no difficulty going to sleep, but the broken sleep of waking up during the night?  

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Hi, your symptoms are suggestive of Nightmare disorder, or dream anxiety disorder, which is a sleep disorder characterized by frequent nightmares or vivid dreams. Nightmare can be defined type of a dream wherein the individuals will be left in a situation where it jeopardizes their life or personal safety, usually occur during the second half of the sleeping process, called the REM stage. It can occur normally in persons but in this disorder it occurs at higher frequency.

The type of hallucinations you are experiencing is known as simple hallucinations as you see things with less details like spider. In such cases it is very important to note any other conditions like eye problems, stress, confusion, memory loss, alcohol, drug, and medication history is also important.

This disorder can be managed by self by alleviating the home and personal life related stress particularly before going to bed.  A regular fitness routine, Yoga and meditation can also help to eliminate stress and create a more peaceful sleeping atmosphere and provides a relaxed state of mind. Psychotherapy can also help you to learn how to cope and deal with the various stressors in your life.

Do not worry, follow the above mentioned methods and the symptoms will alleviate soon. I suggest you to consult psychiatrist. Take care and regards.
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Don't say to a Psych 'Im hearing voices' if you do it's likely that you'll be instantly diagnosed as Schizo. Sleep loss is a b*****D! Perhaps that's all that's wrong, but for peace of mind go & see your Doc.He/She can get/give any help you need. Good Luck
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Maybe a sleep study could pinpoint what's happening with you at the time of these episodes. Any chance you could have sleep apnea? Lack of oxygen can do strange things to the brain.
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Just curious... Are you experiencing paralysis when you hear voices or see people?  Do the people ever get closer enough to touch you?
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