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I have been seeing spiders in the night woken up my heart racing and there they are, I have had a very emotional year so thought it was all to do with that but as time went on I was concerned that it wasnt right. I looked things up on the internet and evenually found this formum which scared me to death.Some folk talking about this going on for years  etc. I went over to see a friend who does  spirtual healing and runs lots of different workshops  she didnt know what it was but told me how to protect myself and challenge if it was good.

So in case anyone wants to try this I thought I should let everyone know what I now know, suround yourself and your house with light imagine it everywhere, then  place a imaginary mirror reflective side out this will reflect anything not wanted away from you into the light.  Do this everyday its like locking your doors to keep out intruders. Then at night or whenever needed challenge what ever you experience by saying to yourself or aloud I only accept love and light if you arent love and Light then go away, say this 3 times this is how the universe works. I used this the last couple of nights and it has worked well it will take a while before I feel comfortable with the night but so far so good. Even if you dont beleive try it, it will help you get rid of anything bad.

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Hi, welcome to the forum, one can go through visual hallucinations which seen due to neuroophthalmologic dysfunction resulting from a wide variety of underlying etiologies. This condition can overlap with visual illusions which include distortions of size (micropsia or macropsia), shape (metamorphopsia), and color (dyschromatopsia).

The type of hallucinations you are experiencing is known as Complex or formed hallucinations as you see things with details like spider. In such cases it is very important to note any other conditions like eye problems, stress, confusion, memory loss, alcohol, drug, and medication history is also important.

It is good that it is working fine for you. Such methods are useful when the cause is more of psychological. This acts more like a suggestion therapy. It may be helpful for other people having similar symptoms. Take care and regards.

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