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i always feel tired and sleep

i feel a pressure or some one pushing in the back of my head does that mean it is numb
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Hello, Nipper.

I'm not familiar with your symptoms.  Have you seen a doctor about this?  Usually, head/brain symptoms should be reported to your doctor right away.  How long has this been happening?  Besides fatigue, what other things are you experiencing?  Let me know and perhaps someone can figure this out.

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It is difficult to comment on your symptoms without a thorough examination. These kinds of symptoms are seen with mood disorders like depression or anxiety, insomnia, raised blood pressure or some type of space-occupying lesion (tumours) in the brain. You should consult your doctor for complete evaluation with imaging studies like MRI to rule out any underlying pathology.

Do write in if you need any additional information.

Take care

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i havent had a period in 3 months also my joints and bones are sore
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