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When i lay down at night and try to relax my body begins to itch. i sometimes feel like i have something crawling on me. it is from head to toe. Is there something i can do because it drives me crazy.
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Itching at night could be due to skin conditions like contact dermatitis and scabies. In contact dermatitis exposure to an irritant like a chemical or metal or anything you are allergic to, can cause rash and itching. Scabies infection is caused by a mite Sarcoptesscabiei, it burrows in the skin folds of hands and feet and causes intense itching mostly at night. It could also be due to certain medications, jaundice, kidney disorders and food. You may need to consult a your doctor  who will examine you and may ask for blood tests and in addition examine the scrapings from the skin to arrive at a diagnosis for appropriate therapy.

Hope This Helped and Do Keep Us Posted.
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Restless leg feels like creepy crawlies are going up and down your legs which gives you the sensation to move them all the time.  Maybe see a MD to check out what could be given to help this issue, I'm sure your not getting very good sleep like this.
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I have at times severe issues with feet beginning to itch when the temperature is too high in the bedroom. (I end up with my feet sticking out of the blanket to keep them cool).
The most probable, common and thinkable things have been checked. I ended up seeing a podiatrist, who fixed and groomed my feet according to all rules of the art. It helped to get dead skincells off.

Now, my problem is caused by restless legs (I walk 7-8 hours a day at times) and was worsened by allergies: Nuts and citrus would give me some sleepless hours.

Summa summarum I have figured that antihistamines are the best solution for my problem. Until you get to your GP for a thorough check of the itch, you can try a night and two with mild OTC antihistamines (they are harmless and not all causes drowsiness) so that you at least get a few hours worth of sleep. Being exhausted from sleep issues do definitely not help on any kind of situation.

Good luck!
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