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Please doctor tell me what is the cause of unesssary restless mind and restless legs also sleep dis order. I have been consulting a sycatrist fore my problem and he only write respradol tablets it just gives me some hours of night sleep thats all. my mind is restless as my legs. please help me to find a right medicine for all this syndrom, I have been suffring a lot for long time please help me to fight this problem. I will be very greatfull to you. Respradol dos'nt help me. it might be giving more problem. it just make me sleep only. my mind is always restless, please help.
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Risperidol (Risperidone) is an antipsychotic medication that needs to be increased to a therapeutic level to help folks with your symptoms

Go see your doctor and tell them that it's not helping enough, to see if a higher dose could help.

Only your doctor can find the treatment that will be just right for you

Dr. Enoch Choi, MD
Palo Alto, CA
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I have had restless leg syndrome since I was a teenager and the only medication that I have ever taken with any success is Requip.  It is like a miracle drug!  You also have to start out on a low dose and build up to a therapeutic level with this medication, but you feel a difference after the first dose. Good luck!
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