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seroquel 25mg for sleep

My Dr. gave me seroquel 25mg to take before bed to sleep because i cant seem to fall asleep. Before this i was taking xanax .25 for panic attics, which I took the xanax 3 x a day. So the Dr. said replace the 3rd xanax with the seroquel 25mg before be d to seep how it works. OK i start taking Seroquel Fri night. Sat. i feel tired a little out of it and feel like I'm gonna have a panic attack. I say OK it probably just the meds getting into me. sun feel the same way. Mon. feel like a zombie not in my own body, very jittery lightheaded. also i flipped out on my husband for no reason. took it again Mon night Tues. felt like even more of a zombie shaking light headed nausea tired felt like i was sitting in the room watching myself. just felt not me. so i stopped taking it. started taking xanax like i was before. and called Dr. which he approved. Now a week later from being off the seroquel i still feel jittery lightheaded and a little nausea. how long is this gonna last and should i go back to Dr. now or wait a while???  
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