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sleep apnia/cpap issue

I got a cpap machine back in 08 after being diagnosed with sleep apnia during the process of getting a lap band. I never really used the cpap and kinda put up with the apnia. The last few days the apnia has been unusually bad and i actually had a seizure from it saturday morning so i went ahead and used the cpap saturday and sunday night. The level i beleive is set at 18. The mask and machine litterally force me to sleep as if it were laughing gas minus the laughing ofcourse which i love but sunday morning i woke up with a headache and dizziness and some limb weakness and numbness. This morning i woke up with no headache but feeling extremely confused, and my limbs were extremely numb and almost unmovable but i got the mask off and recovered after a few hours. I was also very nautious. The facts i can give you is that the machine blows very hard and i wear earplugs and i currently have a bad inner ear infection with badly swollen glands with vertigo which is already causing weakness and numbness and dizziness. This ilness is also causing me to not be able to do activity for more than a few minutes without getting really sick, fatigued and weak. Maybe because i just got over bronchitis as well or maybe there is more i dont know about though vertigo can do some crazy stuff. Anyway should i not be wearing ear plugs using a cpap? And or should i discontinue the cpap until the ear infection is gone? Or is maybe the machine just set entirely too high? Like i said the machine forces me to sleep in minutes and also for the duration of the ear infection i wont wear ear plugs. Would this cpap issue have the ability to be fatal?
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Hi. With regards to using your CPAP, when you have a diagnosis of sleep apnoea it is important to use the machine every night for a minimum of 4 hours. If you are not compliant with treatment you are at a high risk of cardiovascular issues and also at risk with driving and cover from the insurance company.
It would be important if you have problems or concerns that you contact your healthcare provider. It may be that you need your pressure re-assessed, it may be too high and this would cause the machine to be uncomfortable to use. Hope this helps.
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18 seems a bit high, but I don't think it would be fatal. In my opinion you are a victim of ancient philosophy and outdated technology. They come up with a number as a result of the sleep study and you are stuck with that setting until you are tested again. This is so wrong. Your pressure requirement  changes over time and through the night. An auto setting machine is like having a sleep study every time you put on the mask. It makes adjustments continuously as you sleep. You have the exact correct pressure all the time.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The ear infection could be causing the nausea and dizziness. Do not discontinue CPAP therapy. The infection is not related to this therapy. If the present pressures are uncomfortable, you could try BiPAP, which is a bi level pressure device, which regulates according to inspiration and expiration, and hence is more comfortable. You will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation, who may then refer you to an ENT specialist. As the infection resolves, your symptoms should improve.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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