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sleep apnoea results different why ?

i have had 2 sleep studies done at home on different occassions the first study said i have significant underlying signs of sleep apnoea , on the second study i was told i dont have sleep apnoea what do i believe i suffer all the symtems of sleep apnoea and i am worried about my health i told the sleep clinic that i had a better nights sleep when i had the second test done which wasnt usual . should my first test have been taken into fact ? please help with some advise i speak to the sleep clinic next thursday and im not sure what to say,or where to go from here.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The most recent study is usually considered for therapy. If you persistently have symptoms of sleep apnea, you can opt for a repeat sleep study after a few months. In the meantime you could avoid taking alcohol and try to sleep on your side as this keeps the airways patent. If any nasal blocks try to keep them patent with OTC nasal decongestants. Aim for optimum weight with exercises or long walks and walk your way to sleeping well!!

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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