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sleep disorders

i wake up constantly at night remember my dreams to every detail every time i go to sleep i immediatly dream sumtimes i had sleep paralysis about 6 times in the past year i hallucinate things right before i fall asleep sumtimes after i wake up no matter how much sleep i get im constantly exhausted i take a nap mid afternoon if i dont im more tired n fall asleep dreamin no matter how hard i fight it i also have been getting very hostile out of nowhere over nothing is this narcolepsy or sumthing else
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absolutely without exception; completely; wholly; entirely.
agree everyone should have one! A Sleep Study.
University are good to ask about this Med-Tech(s) students need the hands on experience with a professional of course beside them.
Generally we had one at a cost of 5.00 dollars..awesome study. painless, monitors all over but they can get a reading.

Hey please let us know , how you are doing.

Also write your experience down.
Great writer(s) have sleep problems....((smiling at you)).

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I would go for a sleep study. They aren't bad. Mine was a very pleasant experience. It was hard for me to fall asleep initially but it wasn't too bad.

It does sound like narcolepsy to me but it could be any of the sleep cycle disorders really. Sleep paralysis is a very common feature of narcolepsy. How old are you? I was convinced I had narcolepsy when I went but I ended up having periodic limb movement disorder. It's where you kick your legs and move your arms all night long. Every time I would get into REM, I would kick my legs or move my arms and it would jerk me out of it. That's what caused me to remember my dreams vividly. I would wake up mid REM cycle. It also caused me to not get productive sleep at night so I would be cranky and moody all day just like you.

You can never go wrong with a sleep study. I think everyone should have one. It will ultimately improve your life if you need treatment.
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