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sleep paralysis lead to insomnia?

when I was a child I suffered from sleep paralysis (Never even knew it had a name until I was in my mid twenties) For those of you who know what that is, you must know how terriffying it is! but mine always started w/ a certian noise and there was always some kind of "creature/monster "lying on my chest As I got older I recognized the "noise/music" seemed familiar~ kinda like the windshield washers of moms old Ford Fairlane or my grandma's old portable washing machine when it was spinning to rinse out the clothes before she ung them. ( there is nothing right about that unless you are camping)O I forgot the most important part, I am awake> I see sisters sleeping,clocks,etcx......
    Anyway, I learned to control it, because I realized everytime I heard that noise, I knew what was coming. Some how tht works for me .Once in a while I hear it, but I can shut it off.
            wow! question is I NEVER SLEEP! Is there a connection?
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How are you? Sleep paralysis is a period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleep onset or upon awakening. This may lead to insomnia if not controlled.  If you experience this at least once a week for 6 months, medication may be used. Having a good sleep hygiene may also help. This include: getting enough sleep, reduce stress,  exercise regularly and keep a regular sleep schedule. Take care and best regards.
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