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Snoring happens in all stages of life as said above. I do agree to the facts that snoring arises due to the above causes.

I can personally recommend a very good product which helps us relieve from snoring. The product is asonor. Asonor nose drops effectively remove the cause of snoring. It is a plain and simple treatment, which relives you of the inconvenience that snoring causes.

In a new independent and comprehensive usertest of 7 anti snore remedies performed on men between the ages of 35 and 50, Asonor was award winning and #1 product overall as well as in the price/performance. This was according to the Scandinavian health magazine Sund Nu.

The snore remedies in the test was mouth spray, mouthpiece, nasal strips, pillows and nasal spray. Each of the product was used by the test persons to see which of the 7 products effectively eliminate snoring and enabling a more peaceful night’s sleep. Both the user and the partner responded to each product’s effectiveness level.

Asonor was the only nasal spray of the 7 products tested and it turns out that the three mouth spray delivered products scored the three lowest scores.
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i belive and truly think people who dont snore but snore sometimes is because they needed the rest they weren't able to get maybe during a nap or through last nights sleep and i have a sleeping disorder only during summer i feel it's because i am not doing my normal cycle such as waking every morning in fall winter and spring at 8:00 stay at school for 6 hours then at 4:00 do homwork then maybe go outside for at least 3 hours then i will be abled to sleep better but in summeri stay awake from the humidity in the air the constant hour onthe computer not much exercise in july and really cant eat much so at night i want a bedtime snack so i believe im having a normal cycle that needs to get stopped
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