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snoring and drooling in sleep alot!


I need to get some help with this. Im 26 on penicillin for the rest of my life due to an illness I had when I was 20.

I really heavily drool when I sleep, i've done it for alot of years, but recently its gotten even worse! I'm quite active during the daytime, I walk 50mins to work everyday, do martial arts twice a week, long distance running twice a week and try to eat healthily but I still do it!

Its always been pretty bad, i wake up during the night and have to wipe my face and find that my pillow is pretty much always soaked, I have to wash them pretty much once a week..its that bad!

unfortunately, the only way around it is for me to sleep on my back and when I do I snore so loudly I wake my partner up who in turn, wakes me up!

When my alarm goes off, i wake up with a wet face, sodden pillow and a sore throat. please can someone suggest somethign that I can do? its realy getting to me right now..

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First of all, have you been tested to see if there's a chance you have sleep apnea?

I went thru a period of drooling more than usual for a period of several months, even during the daytime. I think it was related to being on Prednisone, as when I went off it the drooling ceased. Ask your pharmacist if this could be a side effect of any meds you are on.
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Snoring is a symptom which may be either a simple snoring or snoring associated with sleep disorder. Obstructive sleep apnoea is an obstructive disorder characterized by repeated episodes of partial or complete cessation of breathing during sleep and excessive sleepiness during the day. These episodes may be classified as obstructive, central or mixed apnea.
The upper airway resistance leads to snoring and resulting arousals during sleep. Use of sedative or alcohol and poor sleep hygiene also contribute to snoring. Patients predisposed to this disorder are generally overweight or obese and may have a short thick neck. Sleep apnea is associated with hypertension, diabetes and other cardiac abnormalities. Other conditions to rule out may be sleep deprivation, depression, narcolepsy, medications and hypothyroidism.
I would advise you consult a sleep therapist for a complete evaluation. He may advise a sleep study (polysomnogram).

Take care

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Hi thanks for the feedback.

I'm actually trying to get an appointment with my doctor for a diabetes test. I've been doing a bit of research into it and I seem to have shown a couple of the symptons so i'm hoping i can kill a few birds with one stone.

I wondered if it was anything to do with the anti-biotics I'm on or the fact that I have a weakend immune system that could be causing problems...

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