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snoring problem

Hi guys

I have snoring problem while sleeping. It's not very loud but my wife said she woke up 4-5 time a day.

Few things to note -

- I don't smoke
- Social drinker
- I don't have cold/flu/sinus
- My weight is within limits
- I don't take dairy products like milk at night
- I don;t take any medications at night
- I tried changing my sleeping position - side ways and face down
- every day before going to bed i used to drink warm water to clear my throat

still i'm having this problem.. I will really appreciate any comments/advice.

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Snoring is very common.  This may be completely normal and benign.  But if your wife tells you that you sometimes stop breathing during your sleep, then wake up with a snort or gasp to catch your breath, then see your doc to be evaluated for OSA.
ok thank you will check
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