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spirtual vrs sleep disorder?

so this has been happening to me since i was about 8 years old.I am 20 now,when i was young i didnt understand i was scared.my parents and brothers and sister would all think i was crazy and wouldent believe me.My mom used to tell me it was satan sitting on me.I believed her because i would see evil things and feel like i was drifted away from this world.As i got older i always had it in my head that i was just a spritual thing,and when it would happen to me i would prey, because of course i am conscious,because i can hear myself in my head.I started goin to school for medical and learned that maybe it could have been a sleep disorder narcoplepy or whatever,untill one day it happen to my lil sister 14 at the time,she ran in my room scared crying didnt want to go back to sleep,i mean if this is a sleep disorder why can there be bad feelings,why you feel something spritual? why when i prey at night it wouldent happen to me? why when i wasent thanking god for this lil things in life that it would happen to me?Honestly i think it is spirutal,its just satan tryna come and mess with us and test u faith because he dont have the balls to come in person he comes in our sleep when we are helpless.I believe when this is happening to you,DONT get SCARED,prey,FIght it OFF and let whatever is holding you down from moving that u are stronger then it.Start by moving ur foot ,once u get a full extened leg kick it usally with go away ! dont sleep on ur back its the only time Satan finds u helpless
God Bless everyone
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really? that's way different. I've tried that if I got high fever when I was a kid.
But now, my only problem is I cannot go to sleep easily and I am getting larger eye bugs and my skin is not healthy anymore.
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This is very common in sleep paralysis. Every culture has a different explanation for it and it's almost always satan related. Most commonly it is known as the old hag on your chest. I believe it seems scary or evil because your so scared and anxiouse that your mind is interpreting it that way. It's always on your chest because anxiety can present as chest pain. When it first happened to me at 16, I had a friend come over and salt and sage. That is until I started having my lucid dreams and doing more research in the sleep and dream field. Sleep paralysis is very very common during your teenage years and early 20s. If it continues after that then yes, you could have narcolepsy. However I do not believe it is anything evil.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Can't explain the spiritual side to your symptoms. But, disorders related to dreaming could occur with REM sleep behaviour disorders. Here the person acts out the dreams. Your symptoms of feeling things could also be due to  sleep disorders “Nightmare” or "Night terror" disorders . Here the person experiences symptoms of bad, frightening dreams which interfere with the sleep schedules. This is usually assessed by a set of questionnaires and the therapy is based on the severity of the disorder. I would advise you to discuss your symptoms with your primary care physician who may then refer you to a sleep specialist for further evaluation.

Hello and hope you are doing well.
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