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the snoring is becoming a problem.

my bf and I havent been dating very long but his snoring is already becoming a problem. its super loud to the point where I have to leave the room at night. sometimes I can even hear it from rooms away so I have to close the door and bury my head in the pillow so I can get some sleep. is there anything g he can do to help with his snoring so we can both sleep better. its really really starting to bother me.
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I know my mom used to wake up my dad and tell him to role on his side, and that made him queiter. Try it and see how it goes, may not do anything but it used to with my dad
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thanks. I'll tell him c:
do you know of anything else?
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What you never watch commercials? Ever heard of Breath Right Nasal Strips?
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no. do those really work?
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According to some people yes. If it's caused by the nose. Maybe it's the throat. I would suggest to research this "snoringremediescenter" in a google search. Nobody is really chiming in here to help you too fast. And I don't know a lot.
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