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why am i dreaming while being half awake?

disclaimer: ive never experienced this before and im a healthy 15 year old girl so i dont think i have any illness.

so i over slept this morning and since im home alone today (im usually never home alone cause my stepmom is always home), theres no way for me to get a ride to school so i just decided to stay home. i woke up around 7:00 and wasnt even tired so i just played on my phone. when it was around 9:00, my eyes began to get a little heavy so i decided to try and take a nap. now, this is where things get complicated... in my first "dream" i was still in bed. i remember i was looking at my laptop (i keep my laptop on the other side of the bed) and the black screen was turning into a black pit bull and i could hear it growl at me. finally i got a sence of reality so i tried to get out of the trance. i would try to scream and also try to move around but i couldnt. a couple moments later i was back to reality and everything was fine. since i was still tired, i decided to try and sleep again. this time i was "dreaming" about me and my ex inside my room looking at children toys and idk why but i decided to kiss him but for some strange reason my ex turned into my dad so i guess i technically kissed my dad...? i know, its weird and it really grosses me out. after i "kissed my dad", he was holding me and i couldnt get out of it. it wasnt like he was holding me like to comfort me. he was holding me like ive done something bad and he doesnt want me to get away. also while all these dreams are taking place, i feel like i could hear noises in the background (i think i was hearing white noise or maybe people talking even though im home alone). ive had about 3 types of these dreams until i got too creeped out to try and fall asleep again. i know i wasnt fully asleep but also not in this world if that makes sense.. idk what to do. im a little creeped out. and i just wanna say that im not on shooms or any sort of drug so please dont as me if i am lmao. i also apologize for my horrible grammar, im just trying to type as fast as i can. im also sorry for it being so long :p anyway, thanks in advance (:
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