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why do I fight sleep?

I can fall asleep within 10 seconds if I try, but it is getting myself to that point that is the problem. Here is a typical day for me:
5:45 am wake up -- I am so tired bc I have only gotten about 4 or 5 hours of sleep
7:30 am start work -- I feel exhausted throughout my entire day. I wouldn't say I am lacking energy, but I can feel it. Does that make any sense?
3:15 pm leave work -- By this point, i am swearing that I am going home to take a nap.

By the time I get home I do everything but take a nap. I read, do stuff on the computer, clean, talk on the phone, anything. You name it and I do it.

5 pm usually getting ready to make dinner or have something planned

I will get home around 9 (if I've left). I will wrap up my day by unwinding. I climb into bed at 10 pm and then I cannot just close my eyes and sleep. I pick up my phone and toy with it. I feel the need to call people. Etc etc.

Why? Why do I keep doing this? I want to sleep. Sometimes I can be SO exhausted that I am falling asleep doing stuff, but I still continue to fight it.

Some people say, "well just stop and go to sleep." Its almost like I can't. I wish I could explain better. Does anyone else go through something like this???
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It's as if you've written a story about me. I see this is from 2009. Have you received any info??
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