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worried about daughter with muscle disease

my daughter has sleep apnoea..she is claustrophobic and has refused to wear an oxygen mask...we have an appointment again in a couple of weeks to find other options..but she also has a rare muscle disease..my question is...the last 5 or 6 weeks she is sleeping for upto 18 hours maybe only one day in the week..but she is so hard to wake up..totally out of it..is this a normal response for somebody with obstructive sleep apnoea or could this be something more to do with her muscle disease...any advice so very welcome or personal experiences all appreciated ..
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Hi, I'm sorry that no one else has respond and I'm afraid I don't have an answer either. but my boyfriend has sleep apnoea as well he also refuses to use an oxygen mask.he scares me half to death sometimes. so I guess I.just wanted to say you're not completely alone. and to keep hope. :)
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