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Allen CArr's Easy WAy to Stop Smoking - anyone tried it?

I am 45, have diabetes, anxiety disorder and hyperactive thyroid, going through menopause right now.
Geez, I sound like I'm falling apart and on top of this everyone said stop smoking!
I can't see it, I can't picture it, I love smoking, I need to smoke for th stress that I'm really not dealing with all these medical conditions so well....but int he end even I know that stopping will help all these conditions.
So I signed up for his seminar on Sunday.And I'm so scared of going to it!
Any advice?
Also, can I post here when I need  a ciagarette, I"m sure I"ll need lots of encouragement. What do you do when you have a craving? How does it feel?
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Good luck after you go to the seminar, also good luck with quitting. You definitly came to the right place. Its a great forum.
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like you, I have some of the same things going on in my life and I am happy to report this: YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Allen Carr, one word, awesome! You can also find plenty of literature on quitting, staying quit and dealing with the urges at whyquit.com
This forum is very active and if you look through our archived messages you will see that we deal with a wide range of issues and we support anyone who is trying to make it happen. Some of us slip but in the end, we get it done : )
Go to the seminar and go with an open mind. Believe me, support is a major part of quitting but what you need in the beginning is an understanding of why you do it and Allen Carr is the man to tell you why and how to go about throwing away those "bad boys."

I am 52 and smoked 38 years. I quit 7 months, 1 week & 6 days ago and I will never, ever smoke again!!!!!
The first 3 days are all about the physical withdrawals. Remember that an urge will last seconds so if you keep yourself occupied when it hits, then you will soon realize that you survived it : )
the above link is a "must read."

Keep us posted please and remember that we are here for you : )
Kathy Jo
(read my meter)
7m 1w 5d 22:45 smoke-free, 4,970 cigs not smoked, $1,192.80 saved, 2w 3d 6:10 life saved
(see the amount of cigs I haven't smoked since my quit!!)
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hey there i am quitting because i have a anxiety disorder as well, been nearly 3 days now and its killing me ha ha but i know i have to do this for my health and am already starting to feel the benefits as well!!
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and i tried the alan carr book a while ago and sad to say it did not work for me, i got bored of the book so did not read it all lol
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Hi Jaide
Well, I read the book too and it made a lot of sense to me but it didn't make me want to quit.
But everyone is pressuring me to quit and finally I thought maybe they are right, mayebe I need to do this for myself and for my health.
So I"m pretty scared about going on Sunday, not scared of the seminar, just scared that the withdrawal will breing on more anxiety symptoms, because my panic attacks hae stopped for a few weeks now and I"m just starting to feel better, so I really don't want them to come back!
But part of this too is I think I"m focusing on the negative and not giving enough thought to how good I will feel when I quite, how good it will be to kick this 30 year habit. Wow, 30 years. Unreal isn't it.
If you asked me if I could do something for 30 years I"d probably say no..but this..well, let's just hope for the best on Sunday..Monday too. I'm going to go to a friend's that doesn't smoke and spend the day with her, then I"ll be with my family Monday night and they don't smoke.

By the way at 3 days you're almost there. The physical cravings stop at 72 hours they say. then the behavioral activities will take about 2 weeks, so mix up the things you do and the times that you do them!
You'll do this, don't waste the 3 days that you've taken, never take another puff they say that on the whyquit.com website. It's really goo, check it out!
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I read the book and I quit smoking 2 weeks before Christmas.  I will tell you this I had NO INTENTION of this working.  I thought I'll read it my mom wanted me to quit before her because that would make her quiting easier????  She lives with me.  I figured hey what the heck I'll read the book.  YES it's boring at times.  You have to use the tools he gives you.  I could have picked up a cig and just thought what the heck no big deal.  But then it became a game of okay it's been a week do I want to give that week up????  It was interesting.  I found my support by going to a friend who doesn't smoke, never smoked and allowed him to tell me how I was going to fail.  It was his insistance that I would fail that made me successful.  You have family who will support you, but you have to be the one to determine your success.  Good luck with your goal and remember take it one little craving at a time.  It's not hard.  Believe it or not.  I really hope that you do well and remember this other smokers want you to fail, they probly don't even realize it but they will do little things that will make it harder for you to quit.  While I was quiting I had a smoker try to insist that I come into a smoking room because she wanted to talk to me.  I told her that she would just have to wait until she finished her cig.  It's really your choice to succeed!!  Good Luck
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