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Anger!!!! GRR!!

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks into my quit. I really dont want to go back to smoking, but today i was so close to relapsing. My boss was getting on my nerves all day, so finally near the end of the day i snapped on my boss and left. I feel like without smoking, i cant control my anger and it is like 3 times worse. I want a cigarette so bad, i almost bought a pack on way home, i feel like things will be all better with one.
So yeah, i need to find ways to vent my fustrations or control my anger.
I feel like this is my major obstacle to quitting.
Any tips?
Thank you.  
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Wow, 3 weeks! Wonderful!
Remember one thing.......whether you smoke or not, you will feel anger and frustration. Smoking will not change that, believe me : )
I agree that with a quit you might be more on edge and in order to protect your quit you need to find healthy releases. You also have to know that these urges will pass but if you give in, then the addiction wins and you have effectively given back control to the smokes : (
Take some deep breaths and acknowledge that these deep breaths are courtesy of your quit : ) Count to 10 and exhale while you are counting. When you are able, read some articles at whyquitdotcom. There is an answer for every question and a response for every emotion.
Please do yourself a favor and relax. Don't sabatoge yourself because you will be so angry afterwards. Just keep writing and venting, were here for you!
Kathy Jo
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Also, remember that your edginess will decrease and people (like your irritating boss) will just have to understand that. I quit recently and have been cruising along quite nicely, a few bouts of tears in the first couple of days, but then smooth sailing until... last night when my partner started complaining about how HARD and how STRESSFUL it is for her to have to go to a different place to smoke. Mind you, she still smokes in our car, and still smokes in teh house... the only difference is that she has to go sit on a chair about ten feet away from where we usually sit (on the couch) where there is a nice cross breeze and it keeps the smoke from blowing right at me. But NO, she thinks it is so stressful that she is losing sleep. I LOST IT!!!!

The point is, don't let someone else ruin your quit!! You are doing this for you and right now, you are the only person who matters. This quit will be so worth it one you are over the hardest parts of it.

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Some great idea's and sharing of struggles here. I don't know where I heard this but week three is "hell week". I have 18 days today. I've had a couple of angry outbursts and for the past two days I've been on edge. Coming onto this site helps me focus on what is in front of me, although my 17 year old just turned on the most stupid program and left the room. I yelled at him to change the TV back or get your butt back in here. My point, the little things turn into bigger things for me. I find taking a hot bath helps (I've never smoked in the bath tub). It helps detox the body too. Vitamins help. Locking myself up in my room helps. Call someone when I am driving home helps. I can't smoke and talk on the phone at the same time in the car. I got into another persons face at work a couple of days ago. I did not sugar coat my words but talking behind my back in front of me just pis*** me off. I bet she makes sure I'm not in earshot next time she pulls something like that LOL. It's perfectly normal to get angry. My body screams for a cigarette at times during the day. My anger gets out of control sometimes but I'm not smoking. This will settle down. In the meantime, don't beat yourself up. If you owe amends to someone, make them and move on to the next outburst LOL. Change your outbursts around to others; share the anger LOL. Hang on, we are here for you. What you are doing for your body/your life is so worth it. They'll get over it.

Thank you for being here. You are our support too. ~ El
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