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Any Helpful Hints ?

I'm 20 years old, I have been smoking for 4-5 years now and think it's time to quit ! I have " Quit " before but within a week I pick up another pack at the store or bum from a friend ... Its so easy when i'm alone I can go 7 days without one but the minute I see friends or go out drinking etc  I can't help but start agian. ( I guess I'm more of a social smoker.) Dose anyone have any advice ? Thank you
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Allen Carr's book, The Easy way to Stop Smoking Worked wonders for me and I'm almost 6 mos smoke free!!  I feel great, and I'm so happy.  Good Luck
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You don't need to smoke to be social just as you don't need to drink to be social. I don't know why we all seem to fall into that trap, but you aren't alone.
I guess what my advice to you would be is simply, don't smoke, resist the urge. If you can go days at a time without it, then you should quit ASAP before you get to the point that you aren't able to go days at a time.
After smoking for 38 yrs., I never thought I would be in a position to have to fight like hell to quit, but that is what happened. After having been prescribed an inhaler and not having enough stamina to climb stairs, I finally got it. Also, NYC ran an ad campaign that would have made anyone quit : ) I am grateful they did or else I would probably still be at it.
Your'e a young lady with a very big future ahead of you. Make sure you get all that you can out of life and live it to its fullest. Treat your body well today and it will get you through life happier & healthier.
Good luck
Kathy Jo
(mother of a 22 and 19 year old non-smokers)
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I agree with Kathy Jo.  I think people like to fall back on the clichés like "social drinkers" or smokers.  I don't mean to sound insensitive or rude, so please understand.  You are old enough to be beyond the peer pressure or peer acceptance issues of younger kids.  You know the dangers and seem to want to really quit.  As hard as it may be, initially, you probably need to distance yourself from the situations that trigger the urge to smoke.  

Does this mean you may need to stay away from the club for a while . . . maybe.  But is that really going to be a bad thing?  Probably not.  Are your friends really your friends?  If so, they will respect your decision to quit smoking and they will do what's right and not smoke around you, or discourage you when you want to have a cig.

Most of the people I talk to have a laundry list of reasons why they can't quit, yet they all know that need to.  Try not to get caught up in that bad habit.  You can do it!
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read my post, enough to make you stop smoking, thats what you can look foward to if you DON'T.
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I was smoking 4 packs a day when I quit after smoking for 15 years. That was in 1977. I have FREE ebook that might help you to quit for good. Maybe I should be charging money for this book, but I want to "give back" so it is FREE. Just send me an email requesting Goldmine Book and I will send you a copy. If you are worried about spam in your mailbox, get yourself a free email address that you can use just to receive my book. I promise you, there is NO soliciting within the pages of my book and you will be free to share it with others. I will never spam anyone.
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a friend of mine used this method,
if you have your first ciggarette at say 8 oclock in the morning, don't have it untill 9 oclock do that for a week or more, then after you have got into that habit, don't light up untill 10 oclock,and so on, keep your self busy for the time you wait for your first ciggy,
it worked for him.you don't get cold turkey that way.when you get the urge if its possible suck an ice cube.
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If you love ANYONE, you will quit for them!
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