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Chantix Breast Swelling

I have been on Chantix .  My breast are swollen and tender.  Has anyone else had this side effect.  Not from my periods - had a hysterectomy 15 years ago.  
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I must be so out of tune with my body and what is happening with it! So many people have identified side effects and seem to know when anything is amiss with their bodies, and I barely noticed anything...a little upset stomach and maybe a bad dream or two.

Many have had various problems but I'm not sure if I have heard of your complaint before. Have you read up on their website? Try a google search of "Chantix and swollen breasts" and see what comes up. You really should let your doctor know anything out of the ordinary.
I quit using Chantix and I know a few who have also, but I have heard many complain about it. I also have heard plenty who didn't have any problems.

Good luck to you!
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I am also experiencing sore breasts while on Chantix.  This is actually the 3rd time I have quit smoking with this drug.  I did not experience this the last 2 times.  I have now discontinued taking the medication after having quit smoking for 8 days.  I know that the recommended dosing is for a whole month to three months.  I have found that taking it until the general nicotine withdrawl symptoms have gone works for me. The first time I quit, it was for a year and a half, the second 6 months, and now I feel even more confident that this is the last time I will have to quit.
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This is my second time taking chantix and I have been experiencing tenderness in my breasts. Being that I too have had a partial hysterectomy 5 years ago I looked into if in fact I can still get pregnant and just fyi you can and it can be very harmful but this seems to make a bit more sense. They don't necessarily hurt just sore and can definitely tell they are a bit enlarged which is kind of nice. Much better than finding out you are pregnant. I'll take this as a side effect! ;)
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I've got the same thing going on. My chest hurts but it's centered in my breasts. Also got a bit of back pain and neverending nausea. I've been on chantix for a week and a half and will NOT be refilling it. These new pains are the last straw for me!
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I googled chantix and sore breasts and found these comments, so I should add my thoughts since someone else might want to know too!  This is my second time on Chantix.  The first time was fine.  This time, though, my breasts have been swollen and tender for almost a month! I'm definitely not pregnant, so this is the only 'different' thing I've been doing (taking the Chantix).  I am relieved to find out I'm not the only one.  I will finish out this month and then stop.  Hopefully, my breasts will return to normal!  Thanks!
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