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I am on Effexor and plan on quitting smoking again.  I've quit numerous times - the most I've quit is for 2 year.  I have used the patch with success - however the last 2 times, I've gotten to 12 weeks, stopped the patch and started smoking within 2 weeks.

So, I want to try a new strategy.  I am considering Chantix - but right now I am on Effexor and am concerned taking both meds will create a problem.  I have the craziest dreams while on the patch - so I'm worried I'm going to be one of those that has a problem with Chantix.

I'm interested in any input - even if not Chantix.  I can quit - just can't stay quit.

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I am currently on my first quit, 3 1/2 months, and hopefully it will be my last. I used Chantix but never had a problem with my dreams thankfully. Why not give it a chance. It worked with me and I smoked for 38 years and never ever quit. Quite a few of my smoking friends have also quit using it and none seem to be bothered with any side effects. You may get lucky : )
You mentioned that you were on effexor.......have you considered welbutrin? Welbutrin was used pre chantix with great results. I am not a doctor so you would have to discuss it with your physician but it might be solution.
Good luck and I hope this quit will be the last one.
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Hi, I'm taking chantix along with other meds, sertraline, is another anti depressant in the same category with no problems. I think (but dont quote me) that it is the MAOI's and Trycilyic anti d's that chantix is not recommended. GL x
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Hi, I started takin Chantix in November 07. I woke up one morning thats when it all started. I went into full blown panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and now to the point where it was driving me nuts. I was so not myself. I was having thoughts of wanting to hurt myself. I went to the hospital to get evaluated and it came to find out that chantix wasnt for me. I got dignoised )sp?) with depression/anxiety. so you might wanna reconsider taking the drug. I am not saying that what would happen to you if you were to take it. We are all different and take to medication differently. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the medication before you do start to take it.
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I am on Effexor and started Chantix 5 days ago.  For the first 2 days I was throwing up but kept taking it hoping it was just a stomach bug.  Days 3 and 4 I cried all day and on day 5, I feel I'm crawling out of my skin and I haven't slept in 3 nights due to crazy dreams that wake me up and I can't get back to sleep.  I have not been able to find any link or interactions between the 2 meds though.  I spoken to family members who are pharmacists and pharmacy techs and they both have told me there is no interaction between the meds.  The side effects are varying between each individual person.
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Just an update.  On the evening of day 5, I had asevere panic and anxiety attack.  I saw my Dr right away and she confirmed there are no interactions between Chantix and Effexor.  She felt that the nicotine withdrawls, combined with the side effects of the Chantix is what caused the severe anxiety.  I ended up stopping the Chantix and am trying to quit using the patch and sucking on tons of lolli pops
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I talked to my doctor about taking Effexor XR and Chantix at the same time and he said that its not a good idea because its almost like overdosing on the medication. So Im trying to find other ways to help me quit.
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