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Cold Turkey

Hi All,

So i'm 31 and just quit smoking almost 34 hours ago!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me....just want to see what some of you did to help you stop for good!  

i have tried to quit before and never made it past 48 hours!  I really want this so I think I will do good!  I am feeling great and only have a bad craving when driving, so I chew gum to help! But I only have a 3 mile drive home from work!

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Oh yes, how I remember the sleepless nights. Melatonin will help with that. You can get it from walmart and it helps the sleeplessness. Watch out for the anxiety tho and if that increases you may need to see a doc for a little something to get you thru for a few months. The anxiety bout done me in. It actually did the last time I quit as I was not prepared for it. This time I was and got some paxil for a few months to help me. Best thing I ever did too! You might also not want to exercise past 2 or three in the afternoon if yur having problems sleeping. Your physical cravings should be under control but watch out for the mental stuff. know that your success depends on your ability to not take another puff. I no that sounds easy, but it tends to sneak up on you in times of stress. AWESOME! Hang In!
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Hi Lynn,

Congratulations on taking the first step! I found that keeping different things around to keep me occupied really helped.  If you don't feel like gum, try sunflower seeds, or flavored toothpicks. It's also good to remind yourself that cravings are fleeting, if you can distract yourself for a couple minutes you can usually get through them. Keep something drink within arms reach, something as simple as a couple sips of water is enough to get through a craving.

Keep us posted on your progress, and good luck!!
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Wow, after 72 hours you will be free of nicotine! Are you still hanging in there?
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I just hit th 72 hour mark and still going strong!!!!  I have to say, i am very proud right now!!!   Still feeling great too! I notice the craving and just do something,and then its gone.   I have been crocheting and doing a paint by numbers! I know childish but it keeps me busy!

Thanks for the support
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Going cold turkey is the worst and absolutely didn't work for me.

Self-hypnosis was the best thing that could ever happen to me because it helps you change your habits and daily thought patterns.

Winxtp.com has some good reviews about self-hypnosis programs. Personally, I like Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy because they have a instant download and a 60 day money back guarantee. I also like that there are audio sessions that you can listen if you develop any urges to smoke again - which is very likely.

Either way, good luck and hang in there! It will be the best feeling in the world.
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Keeping your hands and your mind occupied are of paramount importance. Puzzles are good too. 72 hrs, Wow! That is awesome! If you get a chance check out whyquit.com.... IT IS full of great articles and personal testimonies and lots of support from those who came before you.... But always come back here as well. lol  
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I went to whyquit before I quit! very good website....I am now 4 days smoke free!

Still feel great!
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I am 54, had prostate surgery 11/23 and was in the hospital for 6 nights. I have been smoking since i was 18, while in the hospital I decided that's it i've had my last cigarette!!! It's been 5 weeks today since I had one but it does not get any easier, I still want one bad, it's amazing how addicting these things are. Good luck to everyone, it helps to read everyone's stories, thank you.
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Congrats to you Ray! Yes it does get easier, but with time. Hang in there!

Lynne, I hope you are still hanging in, let us know? You will need support either way it went.
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Thanks Teko, Happy New Year. I'm up to 40 days but a good friend of mine went back after quitting for 6 months!!!! That was very disheartening to hear.
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I did too after 6 months once. The anxiety of a bad situation and all the reserve went out the window. Then this time when I quit (1 year on new years eve), I went to the doctor and got something for anxiety to help me instead of turning to the smokes. It worked so great and is why I attribute my success to getting thru. Now dont get me wrong, I love to smoke but know I cannot live a long life and breath air and smoke. So I choose to breathe. 40 days is awesome
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I am not on day 16 and still going strong....After smoking for 14 years I didn't think it would be this easy to quit (this time)

Well my Issue right now is Insomnia!  I can't seem to fall asleep before 3:30am.....and while I am laying there tossing and turning I feel anxiety. I get cold and shaky, then warm, sometimes a little neasous too!  I get close to falling asleep, like I can feel myself drifting off....then all of a sudden I am wide awake and my heartrate is fast.  

I don' know what to do about it.  Is it just something I have to work thru? or do I need to get some xanax to help?  I have anxiety every once in a while and its not like this.....I am totally fine during the day and up until I lay in bed for what seems like forever before I finally fall asleep!

Last night was 4 am and I had to be up at 6am!  running on 2-4 hours a sleep is going to take its toll on me real quick.  I know that my body might not need as much sleep as it did before but geeze I could use more then 4 hours!
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