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Cutting down ciggerate to 6 from 23

Ive started smoke lessi used to smoke 23 ciggerates everyday but im on track to cut down and ive done successfully to 6 everyday but ehy my chest from the center hurts ? And having a feeling of burning or stinging sometimes? Is it normal aftr cutting down ciggerate or should be worried?
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Its Weird when I cut down on Smoking before I actually quit
I also had chest pains as you do like a burning sensation and tightness. I was so worried I went to an ER and they ran EKG, Blood Work and Xray and said it wasnt a heart attack (Thank God).

Got my doctor to set me up with a Stress test for my heart and results came back as working normal. (I've Quit for 8 days now)

I would always suggest to speak to a doctor or if it gets really bad and you get really worried go to the ER if needed.
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