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Going to need a little help

Hi everyone. Day 1 for me. Using the patch. I just wanted to say hello
Keeping my finger crossed.


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We are here for you Terry, congrats on your decision to quit.

In addition to posting when you need moral support, you might want to read some of the articles at whyquit.com
I found them very helpful when I first quit.

Good luck and stay strong : )
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I have. I was reading all the old post and found it that way. So far so good.
1 day at a time.

Thank you katyjo

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Just remember that we are here for you. Post whenever you want and for whatever reason. Most of us go through the same stuff so we know what it's like ; )
You might want to download a quit meter from the whyquit site. It is a bit more involved then the medhelp one.
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WOW, I think I am going to give my am coffee for a bit.
That is a big trigger for me .

Got to keep moving :)

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Oh yes! Should have mentioned the coffee. That is a trigger for sure. Don't worry though, you can have that cup in a few week : )
Keeping busy is the best thing for you. Walking, walking walking ; )
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Hi Terry and congrats on your decision to quit smoking!

Not only do I have a meter from whyquit, but a tracker here on MedHelp.  I'm finding them to be great visual inspirations.

I too, try to keep moving and walk every single day, rain or shine and sometimes more than once if I'm having a bad day.  

As Kathy Jo has already said, post anytime.  We are here for you :)
4w 1d 9:56 smoke-free, 437 cigs not smoked, $120.18 saved, 1d 12:25 life saved

My Tracker isn't updated yet, but I'll show it anyway.

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Starting of day 3 Please tell me it starts to get easier.

I planted 14 pots on the decl yesterday. Thats a lot of planting! lol

Maybe I can plant everybodys decks........

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I was looking at your tracker. yoo have not smoked in over 4 weeks and it only saves 1 day 12 hours??

OK I will keep look at the postive.

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Right.  1day 12hrs life saved after 4wks.  Nicotine and all the chemicals in cigs are very hard on the body and it takes some time to get back to normal.  I don't recall the stats, but I believe it's somewhere on whyquit.  Just look at kathyjo's meter.  She's been quit for 19mos with only 1mo2wks1day life saved.  See?  Smoking is just about the worst thing you can do to your body and takes quite a while to recover completely.  If you haven't already, check out the list of chemicals in cigarettes.  You will be shocked and disgusted.  

Yes, it definitely gets better.  You may feel like you're hanging by a thread and some days it may feel like you will never feel better, but you will, I promise.  I found the first week to be the most difficult...well, haha, maybe the second week too, but little by little each day will get better.  Even if it's the smallest improvement, take it as a sign that you are getting closer to the day when you wake up a feel Lots better.   I smoked for 35yrs and this is not an easy habit to break, but if you are determined then you will be successful without a doubt :)

Today is 1mo2days quit and I feel Much Much better!  Maybe even leaning towards awesome, today.  A little shaky still, but I'm not smoking and I'm so Thankful I'm not dealing with that habit any more.  Among other things, it really is so time consuming.

Hang in there now!
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You are just a gem Jade!

Yup hubby quit same day I did.  Makes life really interesting. lol
Really not that bad yet other then watching him climb the walls. That's kinda fun. I tease him about it. I think I am going to lose weight quitting! Most people gain I have no desire to eat.

Day 4 tomorrow. Made it threw another one.

I was telling hubby about you and kathyjo. He wanted to know how you are doing it, how long, do you live with another person, did they quit the same time.
See I told you he is a bit tense :)

Proud of all who just stop. Someday I will be ther with you!!


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Wow, 2 of you at the same time! Is hubby using the patch also?
I guess, if both of you were smokers, what better way to do it! It's always nice to have support and in my case it was crucial to the success of my quit. I think that's why I hang around here.....a way of thanking those who helped me, by paying it forward. Jade was around back then and she is still here too. I guess we both realize how talking, venting, expressing and helping is what helps us to stay "quit."
You sound as if you are doing good and your attitude seems healthy, so keep up the good work and remember that we are going to be here for you : )
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Day 4 has been tuff! Rainy and dark. Migraine, Bad.

Been in bed most of the day. hurts to bad to sleep. Sure would like to have a cig.

Just venting.

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