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How long should it take for my lungs and body to feel good after quitting smoking?

I am 39 years old and was a light smoker most of the time, chain smoker on weekends, and smoked weed every second night... Being a closet smoker, I only smoked at night (roughly 3 smokes per night during the week and wide open on the weekends).

I quit smoking all smoke products (Cigs/Weed) over 2 months ago and am still experiencing lung issues today. I have a pretty steady cough with phlegm only discharging in the mornings. My lungs are still not at full capacity but they've improved slightly in the last couple of weeks. I fully expect to recover from this as I quit smoking because I was wheezing and had this weird crackle when I would exhale fully... Thankfully, those 2 symptoms have vanished (after 2 weeks or so)... I was also tasting metal/blood when I was coughing for the first month of quitting. Now, it's only every once in a while that my persistent cough tastes metallic (progress).

It's easy to get scared and the Internet is a rough place full of lupus and syphilis. Dr. Google has terrible bedside manner so I thought I would share my situation.

I know it's not the truth but I felt like my health took a downturn after quitting smoking but after a couple of months, I'm finally starting to notice some progress. To quantify, I felt 90% the day I quit. I felt 80% the week after I quit. I felt 70% 3 weeks after. I felt 70% after a month. I feel 75% after 2 months.... Hope to keep trending upward and also hope to stop worrying about having lung cancer pretty much constantly.

One thing I know for sure is that I'm a non-smoker now and will never go back.

Thank you to those who have shared their stories. I took comfort in a few posts that I could relate to. Hope this helps someone. I will comment again in a month.
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I heard somewhere that it takes 6 months to reverse the damage of smoking one pack of cigarettes. Not sure if it's true or not, but may give you some perspective. Congrats on quitting and hope you have more positive results.
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