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How long till u feel normal after quitting

I'm 30 been smoking for 15 years and I'm quitting, its been a week since a cig and i feel ok but still think about them and i was wandering if you have quit how long till you felt like normal again and quit thinkin bout cigs, cuz ive heard some peeps quit for a year then start back so...................I'm quitting cold turkey, no help,
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Actually, after a couple of months it gets much easier and the longer time under your belt the easier it is. I am off cold turkey 10 months at the end of this month and I no longer think about smoking. I think about it now and again of course but have no problem walking away. But normal? Uh, Im not sure I know what it is to feel normal as I smoked for 35 years. lol
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iv been smoke free for 2weeks cold turkey as well, i feel less cold in the morning as blood circulation is better, but im getting a cough and sinus's hurt (but its just my body kicking out the scum).
Im still tempted to buy some cigs when im in a shop and stare at them when im at the counter when they ask "anything else sir" i stutter with a NO but feel better every time i resist buying them.
As for never thinking of having a ciggie...my dad (who hasnt smoked for 10+years) still says he misses his after dinner cigarette but will never go back to it because of the bad effects it has on your health.

Keep it up, dont smoke , your not alone in the fight to quite and read lots of these posts about the ill effects smoking has(they've helped me lots).
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