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Is it normal?

Today is my 8th day of quitting smoking, i have read a bunch of stuff about withdrawal symptoms. But up to today, im still feeling light headedness, dizziness, irritation, and tight chest (no pain), and no short breath, but as if i i always want to take deep breaths.
Been passing through a stressful and depressive state before i quit, and i dont know if quitting smoking added these physical symptoms. Right before i quit, had some ekg tests and blood tests and all was good.

So, yeah, is it normal?
Thanks all.

Ive done it before, as in quitting smoking, but i guess i was not that of a smoker back then ( 8years ago), and i didnt pass through all these symptoms - it was a piece of cake.
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it's all normal stuff, a better website for smoking cessation to checkout is


great info and inspiration...good luck
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That's normal to feel those things after quitting smoking. You can always seek an advice from health professionals on how to overcome it. It's not easy for sure to put an end to your smoking habit, but just keep the will, have some patience and discipline and you will surely get rid of it. Anyway, there are other smoking alternatives that you can always which is safer and healthier like a laser acupuncture, or switching to e-cigarette. These two can lessen your cravings for smoking and with e-cig, you can still get the same satisfaction from it. I wish you well. Good day!
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