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Just quit.. Help.

Hey everyone.

I am on my second day of giving up smoking. I've gone cold turkey, because my children raised their concerns. They asked me if I'd stop for them, so I did. I have tried to quit 3 times in the past, and failed within an hour on each. So I can't believe I've gone this long. From 40 smokes a day, to none!
I was fine yesterday, and half of today. Now I'm feeling the craving move up more. I've found things to do, and these lemon drops I suck on, but the cravings still linger. I've just lost 25-30kgs and with hard work. So I refuse to eat food to stop the cravings. Has anyone tried nicorette gums or filters that you suck. Patches give me nightmares. Lol! Thanks!
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Ok i honestly quit drinkin and smokin..cold turkey at same time. Best advice od to just do it, do not talk aboutit, try to not even think about. Quitting o
Drinkin shows so much amazing character. after a week k was able to laugh n keep goin. Having that extreme wilpower will def help you succeed, they say that if you stop cold turkey, u are 20times more likely to remain sobor for the long haul...
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I've been cold turkey for 8 days. I drink a lot and I mean a lot of water to help with the craving (Cold water works Best) Not only will it stop cravings but it will help your liver detox all the chemicals out of your system . The Gum thing never worked for me...Stay Strong. Go for walks etc.....
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