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Laser treatment for quitting smoking

I ran into someone that told me her father had "laser treatment" to help him quit smoking and after a 3 pack a day habit he never picked another one up.  Anyone know anything about this treatment?
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I have heard of the procedure but do not know anyone who has had it done. I would imagine that like anything else, some will be helped by it and some will not. I think the only way to really quit is to put them down, bite the bullet so to speak and replace the behaviors associated with smoking that has become second nature to us and imo is the hardest part of quitting. You simply quit, walk away and get something to bite on, like in the old movies! ha ha

I am 102 days off smoking today. And yes, I still want one occasionally and probably always will, but the trick is to not take that first puff, period. Problem solved.
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i did something like this. they 'zap' your ear. i went in a group of 10. they claim to see an 80% success rate....we all had it done the same day and the ONLY person who ended up quitting was myself, but NOT because of the 'therapy'....i quit 2 years later using nicorette gum and then going cold turkey after 2 boxes.

i think the only one that sees any real success might be hypnosis...however, my uncle and cousin both got zapped and both quit. they swear by it. my uncle smoked for 30+ years at more than a pack a day. i think it is mindset.
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