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Maybe tomorrow?

I am sitting here still not quite sure what to type.  I am ashamed.  Today my partner and I were supposed to quit smoking.  I had a full pack put away and was going to have it just sitting there, sealed, and I was not going to have any today.  The patch was going on first thing this morning.  He even laid them out last night for us.  He broke open the pack this morning just to have one before he left for work - he is out of town until thursday.  We decided now is a good time because he is going on a business trip with no other smokers and would have to walk off the property of the resort they are staying in, in order to have a cigarette.

We have tried to quit 3 times this year already.  Why is it always "maybe tomorrow".  

I have been smoking 5 - 10 cigarettes a day for a few years now.  I did quit back in '94 for over 2 years.  And is has been on again, off again since I was 16.  I am now 32.  

I have had great success with other communities on this website.  I figured this would be a great place to come for support.  I am going to quit this time..... maybe tomorrrow?
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There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We have all been in your shoes and eventually it will happen.
I have had great success with Chantix and cramming my brain with the articles in Joel's library at whyquit.com
I suggest you read to prepare for your quit and keep on reading throughout. I still go back to it now and then.

There is no magic......you have to want it and just fight the urges. The physical withdrawals only last 3 days so it is more the emotional addiction that you really need to prepare for. As for tomorrow......that is a good idea : )
Surround yourself with positive people, avoid the smokers and keep some lollipops, toothpicks, lozenges, whatever will keep your mouth busy. I personally think you should keep your hands busy too.

Don't beat yourself up. In a way, the excuses only make it that much easier to cheat.

By the time you finish posting a message, the urge will pass so write often : )
Kathy Jo
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"i'll start tommorrow"
hum, you know it seems to me (in my opinoin) we as humans always gravitate to tomorrow because we think that its going to be some kind of miracle or magical thing that will make every thing easier.

so when tomorrow comes, and the problem is still there we always have the miracle or magical thing that didn't happen, we now have it to blame.

i sit here smoking right now, so i understand how you feel. hey my daughters often sing to me the "magical amount commercial " aloud. there just trying to call my attention to what i'm actually doing. sometimes it helps, other times it doesn't.

i don't have the answer on the how to's of quitting...
maybe we should quit it like we quit a bad relationship...just a thought.


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Thanks for the support.  "Tomorrow" actually came and I have been smoke free since last Wednesday.  And counting...........
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Wow....almost a full week!!

Congratulations Stylez.

Things get a lot better fast after that first week.  

Keep your guard up...keep reading, and keep posting.

You are doing this !!

Wayne Baker
Nicotine Free:  1Y 1M 5d 3h 42m
Not Smoked:  11,664
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Great going!
Stay focused and make sure you always keep your objective fresh in your mind.
I remember saying quite a few times, why am I torturing myself like this : ) Don't let anything come between you and your quit.

I sure hope your partner has done the same.....it would be easier if both of you did it together. You can support one another.
Good luck and keep us posted : )

Kathy Jo
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Dont' feel alone, i've too have been in the "maybe tomorrow" life. I just stopped 6 days ago, it feels like to me I want one more now than on day one or two. i'm not going to do it though, then I'll just kick myself in the butt (little joke there) If I can do it, you can too. I've smoked forever.......and now I'm just plain sick of it, I made myself a list of reasons why I hate it so bad.......try that?
Let me know how it goes I'm right there w/ ya.
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Its been over 2 weeks now.  Still smoke free!
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How wonderful to hear that you all are still "quit", congrats : )

I have been struggling to maintain mine and only because of the positive vibes here, I am hanging in and trying to stay strong. I have a lot of personal issues and my stress level is high and so, as was my pattern for 38 years, I reach for my best friend but find it gone. Then I remember that "my best friend" is actually my worst enemy and that if I throw away 11 months, 1 week and 4 days, then I am crazy! I also tell myself that the stress won't last but the "slip" might and then where does that leave me??

Not everyone will agree with this, but in order to protect my quit I find that reading the articles in Joel's library (whyquit.com) are very helpful. Not the "Motivation" but the "Education" section. It works for me : )

Kathy Jo
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I hear ya on the stress thing.  I have had a few rough weeks myself.  And so many times I just wanted to go outside for that smoke. So, I still go outside, take my seat, look up into the sky, take 50 slow deep breaths and I am good.

Keep at it!  We can do it!
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Thank you both for your support and understanding. I really like the idea of going out to gulp some fresh air instead of smoking (do we have fresh air in NYC?)

Some times are more difficult then others and is seems that the evening is the worse time for me lately. I need to fill these hours with something more than t.v. : )
To much time on ones hand can be the enemy so I may just begin an evening treadmill walk and remind myself that I will have this stress regardless.

Thanks again : )  You remind me how important supporting each other is!

Kathy Jo (is experiencing empty nest syndrome)
603452 tn?1253038747
1 month and still going!  I have cheated once.  I did it, I admit it, I went on.  I feel great!
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Good going! I'm especially happy to hear that you have moved on after your slip! Keep the positive attitude and stay strong. You are doing great!
Kathy Jo
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