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Nicorette Addiction

I've been chewing Nicorette for about ten years. I chew between nine and eleven pieces of the 2mg a day. What are the harmful effects of the gum (beside, obvious addiction). And, do you have any suggestions as to how to get off the gum?
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Not really any `toxic` effects to worry about,yet,unless you start chewing like about 50mg a day.I think you should get some normal chewing gum and every now and then have one instead,do it really slowly,but just try to get in the habit of taking a non nicotine chewy when you can,gradually you will swap over to the nico free chewing gum,but you may end up chewing for life,and this can lead to decreased tooth cavities,not such a bad thing really.
Their are pills that reduce nicotine craving,but your problem was originally smoking and the carcinogenic substances in tobacco smoke like tar,nickel carbonyl and others,also carbon monoxide is not good for your red blood cells oxygen carrying capacity.The pills are a bit suspicious,as they are Psychoactive and possibly worse than the gum(Nicotine).Of course you know Nicotine is a poison,with no known medicinal use.Should be Shedule 1 but the Govt aint got the balls,money talks,you know the rest.
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I was addicted to Nicorette 2mg. for about 2-1/2 years...however, I chewed 24 pieces a day!!! WAY too many.

I just wanted to warn you that I have a swallowing disorder now.
I was chewing sooooo much, (a lot more than you), that the
constant nicotine draining down my throat caused me all sorts
of esophagus problems.

Just watch yourself, living without being able to eat right really sucks!

P.S. I finally got off the gum by using the patch?!?!?!

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Your advice is much appreciated,of course you got off the gum using the patch-because you stuffed up your throat and had to swap to a patch.I am hoping that she gets of the gum soon, as you have discovered for you nicotine can harm ones esophagus.It is excellent to hear such a report and I think it should become common medical knowledge,were their warnings on the pack??????.............
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I have a question that does not have anything to do with nicorette addition.  HOwever, I have been unable to post a new question, as I am told it is full for the day.  Even early in the morning. I am hoping that someone can answer this for me.  

The other day, I caught a television commercial to watch the evening news for information on a new method to help smokers quit.  It was supposedly in the form of a shot behind the ear.
Unfortunatly, I could not catch the news that night, and have been since trying to find out information about it.

Does anyone know about this new method.  How it workks?, and it's effectivness.

Any reponses would be greatly appreciated.
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I have never heard about it ,sorry I cannot help.But the key word here is it can "Help" stopping smoking.
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I’ve been a Nicorette gum user for 5 years…I chewed about 12-18 pieces per day.  I used Copenhagen for 20 years prior.  Nicorette really helped me quit Copenhagen…but now I’m obviously addicted to the gum…The gum is obviously better than Copenhagen for many reasons..however..I can tell you that my blood pressure has risen, and I have a low white blood cell count because of the gum.  I get sick all the time due to this.  If I over chew it I’ll get a sore throat and eventually a sinus infection.  My doctor always asked me ..”do you smoke?”  I tell him no…he doesn’t  know I use any tobacco products.  He says “ you get bronchitis s a lot”.  
Bottom line the gum is no good for you…It will have long term effects.     So…I started Chantix last week…I quit that after 5 days…major side effect for me..I couldn’t sleep..and when I did I’d have nightmares all night…so I went out and bought 20 packs of every flavored sugarless gum and quit the Nicorette gum cold turkey last Saturday…I have to say the key is to set a quit date… throw out the gum (I have to flush down toilet otherwise I would search trash).  I can tell you this being Day 4 that is much much easier than quitting Cope or cigs…Right now I already feel confident I’m done with it…It has been extremely easy to do it…I already feel better…So give it a try cold turkey before using Chantix/zybin….Try to go 3 days…I think the Nicorette gum was making me depressed too..I always had that crashing feeling/lethargic feeling…Do you know what I mean?   Anyhow…I don’t have a lot of will power but canning the gum in not too hard..just set the date…throw all gum out….buy 20 packs of all flavors of sugarless gum…I had minor withdrawal symptoms but nothing that made me want to drive to store and buy nic gum.  Good Luck to all…

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