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Quit Two Weeks ago and its been Hell. Advice Needed


I'd like to share my experience as I'm really struggling at the moment and do not know what to do and I'm also worried I contracted some dreaded illness in the process of quitting not just nicotine but marijuana also and going completely cold turkey since 8th April 2016.

The last ten years of my life I have smoked and also smoked Marijuana heavily at times. I decided after other numerous attempts to kick it to really put both habits to bed a couple weeks back and have not looked back since to be honest I'm so pissed off with what both have done to my life I've not had one single craving or thought about doing either, not ONCE!

Now since quitting I'd like to talk about what seems to be the withdrawals and why are the physical withdrawls not subsiding? During the few days i felt OK but on the fourth day i experienced sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches and other bizarre symptoms which are similar to flu but without the fever and so on. This gradually got better and i actually started to feel great. I was out running and so on and apart from the insomnia, weird dreams and night sweats that were i felt in a good place.

That was until a few days ago when i used a shower directly after someone else in the household who i believe may have health issues and possibly Hepatitis from all the drug activities they have participated in over the past few years. Three to four hours after using the shower i began to get cracked lips, sores inside my mouth which is bizarre i never have had sores before. I also started getting muscle pains and deep aches in my limbs especially my calf's and legs which i just did not have prior to this event and also began to get back ache and pain around liver and stomach area with intense body wide itching all over. The person who used the shower before also has been experiencing backache and fatigue for a long time now which just adds to my worry and messes with me trying to give up my additions. Its not getting any better either, in fact worse and my guts are completely out of wack. Today ive had diarrhoea when i normally have healthy stools. Im confused which is now making me anxious about this whole event and i dont know whether is from withdrawals or something else.

I would like some help on this and its very concerning it feels like i was taking great steps forward and now im taking 1,000 steps backwards i just dont know what to do.

I feel i also need to point out i still have dry cracked lips today which ive had since this incident on Tuesday and these deep muscle aches and weakness which dont get any better and backache which I've never had. I'm also still itching at times in different areas of my body.

Is this withdrawls or something else. I'm not experiencing any fever so what the hell is going on I'm going out my mind here and its not helping me quit smoking or marijuana :(
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Hey there...first, Congratulations on 2wks quit!!!!  You have made a hard, but good decision in quitting both.  You are young, too...which is in your favor.  

My story was the same when I arrived at MH in 2007.  Quit both cigs and pot, July 2007.  At first I felt Great; had enough energy for 3 people.  I learned (from this forum) that that was from the oxygen I was now getting.  Soon I suffered SEVERE anxiety, insomnia, night sweats, strange dreams, all you describe.  The diarrhea is normal, as well...as is the itching.  I never had any itching, but I've read on here, some people have.  Yes, this is ALL withdrawal.  I went through this several times (due to relapsing), and each time took up to 4mos....but at least I knew what was happening and that it was normal.  Everyone is different, so it doesn't necessarily mean You will go through w/d for 4mos...but it *can* go on for some time due your body ridding itself of all the carcinogens and chemicals in cigs...and pot nowadays.  There is like 4000 chemicals in cigs alone.  Just awful.  

I'm not sure what to say about your shower incident.  I think it might be just coincidence. .

You are going to have good days and bad days...just like anyone quitting a substance.  Do some research, honey.  The website - whyquit - is a great place to start.  

You may want to visit your Dr in order to ease your mind.  In fact, I would recommend it.  But what you describe is most likely withdrawal from the 'event'...and it IS an 'event'.

I wish you the best.  Stay clean!  Big hug!!

Please keep us updated; we care.  
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I see several people answered your question in the Hep C Community.  I hope they were able to ease your mind.  
Thanks really appreciate the support :)
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