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Quit smoking questions (not sure where to put this sorry if its in the wrong place)

alright so i recently quit smoking as of febuary 2nd
i smoked for 8 years since i was 14 to 22 while i was smoking i was having a tight chest problem it felt like i was having to force yawns to get a full breathe which if i wasnt able to would make me have an anxiety attack now after quitting im still having this problem but when i panicked really bad last time (thought i was actually dying almost passed out) i called the ambulance on myself and they said my o2 levels we're normal which means i am breathing fine and i know i am it just feels like im not like my chest is tight also i have yet to cough up any phlegm or anything while i was still an every day smoker i coughed up a little bit of phlegm like once every 2 weeks i never produced a smokers cough or anything and still havent. im curious as to whats happening with my body has it gotten to a point to where my lungs can no longer repair themselves or what? thanks in advance for any information you guys give!
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I've been not smoking for about 10 days now. I also had chest pains as you do like a burning sensation. I also went to an ER and they ran EKG, Blood Work and Xray and said it wasnt a heart attack (Thank God). Got me doctor to set me up with a Stress test for my heart and results came back as working normal. Not sure if the chest pain is just part of the detoxing phase but it seems that way.. How are you feeling now?
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