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Second Hand Smoke

Im about 2 months into quit now,
However im wondering if theres any point to it, as I live in a house with 2 smokers and they constantly smoke indoors.
Also, when i go over to friends places, they smoke inside as well.
So im constantly breathing in second smoke.
And with all these studies about how second hand smoke is so bad for you, and its just as bad as smoking.
Is there any point in my quit, or should i just go back to smoking?
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Congrats on 2 months! Please don't go back to smoking! I wonder if you can ask those in your home that smoke to please go outdoors.
Try to explain how it's bothering you and jeopardizing your quit.
I can't imagine how difficult it is for you but please don't give in or give up. If you decide to go back to it then you are increasing your risks all the more.
Keep in touch and good luck!
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