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Should I be concerned for my Mom who has developed a tick since she quit smoking?

My mom quit smoking this last year. She is 57 (I am 40). While I was visiting from out of state, I noticed she started to do this thing with her lips where it resembled rubbing in chap stick.  She would do this in between words, sentences and just while listening.  I tried to see when this seemed to manifest the most and I drew the conclusion that when she would have a beer or a couple later it was a continual thing. Should I be concerned and have her see a dr? I haven't said anything to her about this. I honestly don't even know how to approach this. I initially thought her lips were in fact chapped.  I asked her if she wanted my lip balm, which she used but the remainder of my stay she continued to do this same thing.  Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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