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Smoker's flu?

HI all,

I am new here and joined because I quit smoking on January 10, 2016. Ever since, I have felt worse than I have when I was smoking. I have read a lot about quitter's flu, but am wondering if the severity of mine is normal.

I am freezing cold with the chills, and get pale and feverish, then it passes. It's like I feel fine one minute, and a few hours later I'll be flu-like again. I developed a raspy voice only after quitting, but haven't been coughing that much. I also noticed that my bowels have gone really bad. I have terrible gas, so much that it hurts, with light colored/yellow stool. This also only started after I quit. I have also been really panicky, but that's to be expected.

I feel exhausted. My eyes burn and are red, and I'm having rib pain. Nausea so bad it's hard to eat anything, and when I do, I get diarrhea.

Has ANYONE had anything even remotely similar to this?

Thank you,
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We do go through a with-draw when we stop cold on cigs, just like medications, drugs, and alcohol. The cigs change our body and the chemical make up of our Brain as well. This will just take time to balance out.
So, it all sounds like w/ds and you will get better as each day goes bye.
Wishing you all the best!
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I have this same thing going on, it's been a year, I feel worse today, than the day I quit... I just want to feel good Avon... Trying to be strong, some one help
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Im 48 and I just quit smoking this is my 4th day and i feel terrible. I cant breathe,can't sleep at night,but during the day im tired and want to sleep and this morning it feels like someone beat me by my ribs it hurts so bad is this normal
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I was quite smoking last year. Initially, it was tough, but the technique I follow is to divert my mind in other stuff. Sometimes It was very difficult to control the urge so I smoke E-cigarette or Sheesha. Now it is almost a year and I feel so fresh every day my cough has gone, I can now run faster and longer now. All in all, it was the best decision I have taken.
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