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Smoking Weed vs. Smoking Cigarettes

My boyfriend smokes both, most of the time it is when he's stressed out or unhappy. I am a non-smoker and the fact that he does smoke makes me worry about his health. He has been smoking (either or) since he was 13 years old and is now 20. He doesn't smoke every day all the time, and never around me, but it is often enough to the point where it makes me nervous for him. I guess I'm wondering which one is worse? I hear a lot of different arguments and I don't know what to do because he is so dependent on smoking that I know he won't want to quit cold turkey. Every time I bring it up he just gets angry at me about it. Any suggestions anyone?
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Your a great g.f. to worry about your b.f. but I gotta tell you, hon, him quitting is not going to happen until HE wants to quit.  I especially say that since you tell us he gets angry when you approach him with your concern.  That is the sign of someone who is not ready to quit even a little bit.  

Smoking both cigs And weed is just double the trouble as far as the lungs go, but if you had to pick which one is worse, that would be cigarettes with all the nasty chemical additives which are in the thousands.

Here honey, tell you what.  YOU google whyquit.com and read that website and get yourself educated about the facts of smoking and maybe you could get your b.f. to read along with you at some point?

Good luck!
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Thank you for answering :) - I'll make sure to look it up and I won't pressure him about it until he's ready.
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My husband likes smoking weed occasionally. He just quit cigarettes yesterday, because I quit with him, but since you don't smoke, (which is good) I suppose that doesn't help.
However, I sympathize with you. When My husband smokes weed, it teaches him that boredom is ok and being lazy can be fun, which to me isn't so great. I also get sick when i smell weed so it drives me nuts.
My suggestion is to find out why he smokes. (weed +cigs) what taught him that it was a good thing? What is the root of the problem here?
I started smoking cigarettes because my grandma smoked. We were very close and when she passed away, smoking was how i dealt with it. Cigarettes made me feel better when i was miserable. That was when i was 15. I just quit yesterday. its been four years and somehow i still have it in my head that smoking is a GOOD thing. But it took me seeing how sad it made my mom to really quit. Her father died of lung cancer.
SO, maybe if you know his back story, you can help show him what he believed to be true at 13 isn't so anymore.

Both smoking weed and cigarettes come with their own social scene. Does he do this stuff because of the nifty styles that come with them? Like you know, Hippies and skateboarders go with weed, and crime fighting detectives and badasses accompany cigarettes? When I realized smoking made me more of a conformist than a rebel, that helped me quit.
Weed is  tetrahydrocannabinol- you know, THC, which is sometimes good, but used too much or too recreationally is very bad. It shuts off certain receptors in the brain and opens new ones. It has fewer physical effects than cigarettes (as far as cancer and damage) but mentally will teach you to be..inactive. oh and plus you can get tickets and court etc. due to the illegality lol

Cigarettes are terrible for you physicaly, but mentally not as bad as weed. But you get cancer, depression, colds, you know the drill.

I guess you have to choose between a sick or a lazy BF if you can convince him to quit just one.
But convincing a stubborn guy is a very frustrating task. Especially one you love.

I also have no idea how to convince my husband to stop with the weed. I feel your pain.
But good luck!! sorry i can't be of more help.
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i dont see why smoking pot is such a bad thing and illeagel.  You never hear about someone who has died of smoking weed or crashing into a family cause they were to messed up to drive.  My mother is dying from lung cancer cause she has been smoking cigs most of her life.  She will now be missing out on her grand childrens life so the real crime and horrable fact is that cigs do kill, alcohol ruins lives, but weed for some reasion will remain the harmless black sheep...
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Sorry about your mom : ( One of the many realities of a smoker is that there are so many complications. The same can be said for drinkers, depending on the moderation. Pot smoking can have its drawbacks too. My 2 brothers both smoked when they were younger and I can definitely attest to it being a "gateway" drug. So, if you are using it to "escape" your reality, then it could become a problem but if you use it recreationally, well other than making you a bit spacy and maybe unmotivated, I guess it's okay.
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Well, considering the fact that you can't get physically addicted to weed, only mentally, there will be no detox period for the weed unlike the cigarettes. So if you want him to quit weed, just give him a reason to quit weed, something else to relieve his stress. As for the cigarettes, that will be hard to make him quit if he doesn't want, and since when I quit it was cold turkey for my girlfriend, I don't know what else he would do it for...
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Im in the same situation. I dont want my boyfriend to do it. Hes done it behind my back for a dont no how long and only just started finding odd thinks in his room. Cut off bits of card an rizla papers. And when i mention it he gets really angry. Why is he hiding it? Is he addicted? We both only 19 and 21. Both have good jobs and want to move in together. But him doing this is making me have 2nd thoughts. If hes not addicted then why is he hiding it from me? Its caused so many arguements in our relationship. Sometimes i want to walk away and let him get on with it. Somethings stopping me!
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I agree with you my broter is a year older than me and started smoking weed when he was 13 it was just a fun thig when he went out with his friends now but than he started doing  more and more. They say you can't get addicted but you can like he did now he can't go a couple hours without it he has fits like major anger ones when he doent smoke it  imnot goingo lie I did it with.him bu only once in awhile than I couldnt handle it. People may not kill people while smoking it but it can kill you one way or another . (sorry i know it has nothing to do woth.the post)
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